Art teacher creates six-foot sweet bread

Local middle school teacher Monika Sanchez recorded her project and posted it on Tik Tok which garnered over a million views
Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 12:13 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) -A local art teacher is inspiring her students with a sweet kind of creation, a six-foot sweet bread!

United South Middle School Teacher Monika Sanchez is showing her students that when it comes to art, size clearly doesn’t matter.

Sanchez says she noticed that her kids were having a difficult time with remote learning, so she decided to motivate them with a creative assignment.

Back in December, Monika assigned a paper-mache project to her students that she chose to get involved in; however, instead of creating a hand-sized donut, she took it a step further by creating a six-foot sweet bread at home.

Using plenty of paper-mache, flour, glue and water, Monika was able to create this crazy concha concoction.

She recorded her process and posted it on Tik Tok which garnered over a million views.

Over the weekend, Monika took her sweet bread on the road for people to see and take pictures with it which gave many the craving conchas.

Sanchez says it’s all about showing her students how to think big and when it comes to art, there are no limits.

Monika says, “I noticed that it has inspired other people to try to make their own version or their own artwork.”

Monika says she’s already working on creating giant Eggs for Easter.

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