Law enforcement agencies from south Texas region receive military training

Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 6:38 PM CDT
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WEBB COUNTY, Tex. (KGNS) - Nearly 40 miles east of Laredo, a handful of different law enforcement agencies from across Texas are meeting for a unique training that aims to keep their tactical firearm skills sharp.

In the town of Aguilares, El Cuento Ranch is commonly used for hunting, but on this special occasion, it’s being used for some practice.

Retired U.S. Marine and Navy SEAL Sniper Craig Sawyer, who is handling the training, said this will help officers and deputies better respond in any dangerous situations. “We’re training law enforcement, local law enforcement as they are very busy down here and often working by themselves or just in pairs,” said Sawyer.

Coming all the way from Roma, Mission, and even Alamo City, these law enforcement agencies joined the Webb County Sheriff’s Office and the Webb County Constable’s Office for Precinct 3 for special tactical training that aims to help officers and deputies in honing their shooting skills. Sawyer said, “I feel that it’s very important that those who serve and protect us by putting their lives on the line deserve the best training that we can offer.”

From pistols to rifles, men and women from different law enforcement agencies are going through this training night and day for the next few days, including training for potential school shootings. “We fight the way we train, and during the fight, your heart rate gets excited and it’s easier to make mistakes, and so the better your training has been, the more effectively you can take the proper action in a sudden violent confrontation,” said Sawyer.

Aside from learning and responding, the retired veteran said this training will help officers and deputies keep the crime numbers down and their skills sharp. “It’s not enough to train once at the academy and then go from 20 to 30 years in law enforcement without revisiting those vital skillsets. What we’re doing out here is amping up the stress as we go and burning the basics on these law enforcement agents and ensuring they perform cleanly and perfectly under any circumstances,” said Sawyer.

The training began on Sunday, March 19, and will continue throughout the week ending on March 24.

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