Eagle Pass officials: Difficult to prepare for the unknown

Published: May. 11, 2023 at 3:45 PM CDT
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EAGLE PASS, TX. (KGNS) -Eagle Pass is one of many border communities that is preparing for a potential influx of migrants due to the expiration of Title 42.

The city is home to one of the largest processing facilities in the southern border.

For the past two days, officials have been discussing how they are preparing; unfortunately, there is not much response going on at the moment.

Both the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Eagle Pass Fire Department say that it’s difficult to brace for the unknown but as for now they are following Border Patrol’s lead.

Both state troopers and the National Guard have been setting up at the bridge; however, Border Patrol agents are not stationed at the same location, that’s because the agencies are helping Border Patrol in detaining those who cross.

Once they are detained, Border Patrol picks them up and takes them in for processing.

Authorities say they face many obstacles.

First, the unknown number of migrants across in Piedras Negras.

City officials say unlike past waves of migrants, they do not have information from the Mexican side.

Another issue the city may face is severe weather conditions since rain is in the forecast.

Lastly the city is not planning to open any shelters; meaning, the only shelter available is from the NGO Mission Border Hope.

Both city and state officials in Eagle Pass say they will act as situations arise.

Below is the last updated version of the story:

The City of Eagle Pass is continuing its preparations for the ending of Title 42.

On Wednesday, KGNS crew members saw dozens of migrants crossing near the Camino Real International Bridge which is known as bridge number two.

At times even families were seen turning themselves into authorities.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department has been working on a plan of action in case of an emergency situation.

They say since it is a very unexpected day many things can happen, so they are taking it day by day; however, officials say they can only handle so much.

“We do not facilitate any sheltering or anything specific to the immigration problem. Our community is not financially prepared to be sustaining that type of situation,” said Assistant Fire Chief Rodolfo Cardona.

That means the only non-governmental organization in town which is Border Hope is the only shelter available; however, the fire department said it has been preparing with multiple drills.

One example is a plan of action in case of a riot and the possibility of severe weather.

Cardona said the department is equipped with extra boats and raincoats for the fire crews.

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