Laredo Border Wall to begin construction

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 1:49 PM CDT
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Laredo will be seeing the start of the pedestrian fence that starts from the Columbia Solidarity port of entry and will head northwest for about 52 miles along the Rio Grande.

According to the Department of Defense, $3.6 billion dollars will be diverted from military construction projects in order to be made available for emergency border wall system construction.

In total, 175 miles of border wall construction will take place in high priority locations.

These cities include San Diego, El Centro, Yuma, and of course Laredo.

The Webb County area wall is expected to cost over $1.2 billion dollars.

Some landowners are not happy with the barrier that will be built on their properties.

Congressman Henry Cuellar says there are other high-tech options the Trump administration could have taken instead of a border wall, such as cameras, sensors, and even more Border Patrol agents.

Customs and Border Protection have completed about 62 miles of the new border wall system in place of outdated designs using the funds appropriated by the Department of Homeland Security.