Homicide victim allegedly shot several times, accomplice helped clean up crime scene

Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 2:24 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - It’s been nearly a month since Laredo Police found a man dead inside a parked vehicle in north Laredo.

KGNS has obtained the arrested affidavit and is learning more about what could have led to the shooting.

On Monday Oct. 3, Alfredo Villarreal was found dead inside a car at the 300 block of International Blvd.

According to the affidavit, he was found with multiple gunshot wounds to his back, lower abdomen, and his thigh.

Authorities traced the vehicle license plate and contacted Villarreal’s family.

A family member said they last saw Villarreal on Sunday, Oct. 2.

She told police, Alfredo said Kayleen Contreras, his girlfriend, had “ran him out” of her home and were involved in a “domestic dispute”; they also had a “history of fighting.”

The woman told police Alfredo owned a handgun and rifle and on Sept. 27 he “was going shooting with a friend.”

Days later, he said his friend identified as Damian Contreras kept the weapons.

On Oct. 3, police went to the 200 block of E. Olive where they made contact with Kayleen Contreras and her cousin Damian Contreras, along with Christian Salinas and Paula Gonzalez.

Upon frisking Damian Contreras, police found a handgun and rifling casings, knife, and controlled substances.

At the police station, Kayleen Contreras told police she was in a relationship with Alfredo Villarreal but was also involved with another man.

Alfredo worked in the oil fields at the time of his death.

Kayleen told police she and Alfredo were involved in an argument on Saturday night that escalated.

She told police “She was raped by Alfredo on Saturday night, Oct. 1, 2022, while she was under the influence” and kicked him out Sunday morning, Oct. 2.

An individual who wanted to remain anonymous in the affidavit, allowed police to search his phone. There they found a picture showing Alfredo Villarreal laying on the floor face up, wearing the same close he was wearing when he was found dead.

The confidential source told police Kayleen alleged Alfredo was “always trying to rape here and touch her inappropriately.” The individual claimed that Alfredo admitted to touching her inappropriately that night.

The individual said that Javier Contreras, a Mexican Mafia captain, was at Kayleen’s home when Alfredo was asked to leave.

Contreras was recently released from federal prison six months ago and was a good friend of Christian Salinas.

The individual told police when Contreras found out about the rape, he “became upset” and Christian organized a “plan” to bring Alfredo back to the house on Olive St.

On Sunday morning at 4 a.m., Alfredo returned and was taken to a bedroom where he was allegedly shot several times by Javier Contreras.

The spent casings were flushed down the toilet.

The individual told police Javier put Alfredo’s lifeless body inside the black car, drove it to 301 International and walked to a home where Christian Salinas and Paula Gonzalez reside.

The affidavit claims that Paula and Christian witnessed the murder. Several areas of the home were cleaned with cleaning products already inside the house.

Kayleen was told later Sunday night what happened.

Police say the individual who gave them the information has never been arrested or charged with a crime.

Christian Salinas refused to talk to police.

Paula Gonzalez was also interviewed and confirmed that Christian, Damian, and Alfredo were at the 200 block of East Olive but did not provide specific details.

Christian Salinas, Damian Contreras, Kayleen Contreras, Paula Gonzalez, and Javier Contreras were arrested.

As of Oct. 26, and according to the Webb County Jail docket, only Javier Contreras remains in jail.

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